3-Way Calls


3 way calls are an extremely effective tool in sharing Isagenix with others. They allow you to get your new person the information they are looking for via an "expert" while also giving yourself on-the-job training about how to answer questions, talk about Isagenix, and share your own story. They are extremely personable, comfortable, encouraging and fun! To learn more, listen to this podcast to learn the process of executing an extremely effective 3 way call: The Art of the 3 Way Call

Simple steps:

  • Call the "expert" first to give a short background about your new person and your goal for the call
  • Add in the new person and introduce them to each other with a short background
  • Hand it over to the "expert" to jump in and lead the call; put yourself on mute (and take notes as you learn!)
  • Pick back up at the end of the call and thank each for their time, keeping your new person on the phone if you see fit