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This video is WORTH WATCHING. It's just a completely true, beautiful depiction of what matters. And I'm so glad to be presented with this video because I've started building a red life a few years before I'm 35. ThisRedLife is completely aligned with the producer of this amazing video.

I recognize that not every moment can be amazing, that I need to live through the mundane to appreciate the exciting. But what I love about the man in this video - he doesn't settle for more mundane moments than he absolutely has to. He realizes that other things - materials, money, fancy things - are not the key to happiness. When we're old, we won't look back and wish we had more luxury cars; we'll simply want time with our loved ones. We'll want moments. Especially in our society there is so much pressure to do an be and have it all - which is simply not possible. We need to prioritize and get in our right mindset so we can achieve abundance, and we'll only be able to make this happen by focusing in on what's important. So what do you say - where do you focus your efforts?