Remove the Mask

By now, some of you think I'm a little crazy. If you know me, you know I have a decent-paying, steady income at a steady company. I also have tons of tenure at this company and could really ride out the next 30 years and ease my way into retirement. 

However, I don't choose the safe route. It is so crazy, because I'm growing my business and building my team which is absolutely positively in contrast to the safe route. BUT-- what I am finding, what I am learning, and what I am sure of - is that it is a whole lot more rewarding. 

I just attending training for my business from 6-10pm on a Friday. Seriously, do you think I'm crazy now? Who attends training on a Friday night when they have little girls to get up with early the next morning? Oh, and who is actually FIRED UP because of this training? 

Maybe there's something to this (not-so-secret) secret after all.

In fact, my steady income could get me through the rest of my life in a fairly easy way. However, I find that with my steady income comes a cost-- a cost of time (LOTS OF TIME) away from my family, stress related to finances, projects, deliverables, pre-determined goals and noise. Lots and lots of noise. It also comes with a cost of wearing a mask.

I literally used to wake up trying to tow the line. I have always been a rule follower - an old friend used to call me "The Perfect Student." But also within me is a serious idealist, status quo challenger, dreamer, and out-of-the-box thinker. I am a learner but also a do-er. 

And I have grown more and more accustomed to hiding behind "the mask" to fit in over the past decade -- something that just doesn't suit me well anymore.

"The people who care least about the approval of others are the people who get the most of it." 

Think about that statement for a minute; it's so true! I know it's true because I watch it in my husband every single day. He honestly can count on one hand the people whose opinions matter to him. Yet time and time again, everywhere I go, people are asking about him, wondering when he's coming, wishing he was there. 

So, as a recovering crowd pleaser, line walker, and acceptance seeker, I share my wish for you: that in level of importance, you place happiness above acceptance, that you place authenticity above fitting in, that you place self-worth and self-joy above perfection. No one is looking at you to be perfect except yourself. (PS-- I have a loooong ways to go on perfectionism.)

Now I am heading to sleep and I'm fired up, excited for what's to come! I hope you can say the same. :)