Laying My Heart Online

I am officially launching my website today. And in some ways, it feels nerve wracking! When I was watching The Voice a couple years ago, I vividly remember Adam Levine applauding one of the ladies who took a lot of risks on her song choices. He said, "I love that you take risks, because I am the same way; if I don't take risks, I don't feel alive" (or something to that effect). I find myself thinking about this on a regular basis because I have often played it safe but also believe that at my core, I want to take risks professionally, and to live a life of passion means putting your heart on the line to reap the benefits of vulnerability. 

So, here I am, with 43 minutes left to hit "Publish" on this site and my Facebook page, which links to my Instagram, my Twitter, my Pinterest and all other social things related to ThisRedLife. It is time! It feels a little risky, but that alive feeling is so great, isn't it?