It's All in the Experience

Today at work we had to share 2 objects that represent us and have them guess whose they are. One of my objects is pictured below-- it's a wooden box that is whitewashed and painted with the words shown below. This box is a reminder for me that I am an "experience person" -- the things I work hard for in life are experiences, much more often than things. 

Yes, I want a comfortable house and nice staple items, but I really don't love spending money on lots of new things. I would rather spend my money on memories, time with my family, things I will look back on and be thankful I did during this life. 

Tonight was my husband's last night bar tending in 4 years. For the last 4 years (2 of which we've had children), he's been going to the bar 3-5 nights a week, making great tips, but drastically cutting into our time together. Because I work days, we've been able to avoid childcare for the past couple years, but now that my business has grown, we're at a comfortable point where he was able to quit his bar tending job. 

We are so thankful for this job, and yes we could have pushed our schedules so he could stay, but for us, it's all in the experience. We want to make evening memories with our kids going out for buffalo wings and ice cream. We want to take long walks, go to the zoo, run through sprinklers, make bedtime a long, drawn-out ordeal with books, cuddles, rocking, and goodnight kisses. We needed this time back as a family, and now we have it.

As I build my business and grow my team, and I look at the culture of what we're creating, it's not about fancy cars and big titles. It's about taking this VEHICLE which is changing lives in so many ways (health + wealth) and using this VEHICLE as a way to get more experiences out of life.

The sad truth is, roughly 76% of Americans think about quitting their jobs every single day. Everyone has a story; couples are in debt, people in their 60s are nowhere close to retirement, some families would love to save for a trip to Disney World but never see that happening since they live paycheck to paycheck. Then there are families in dual-income households who maybe have cushy salaries but are unable to be around for their kids' soccer practice, nightly family dinners, or even simple things like creating a tradition of family movie night. Our society is getting stretched so thin from a time standpoint that it feels a lot of times like the choice is time or money, but never both. 

I choose both. I believe both can be achieved by digging deep, having an open mind and a giving heart, and finding the right vehicle. Our team is growing and we are absolutely using the right vehicle to make more experiences for more families each and every day.