#BabyKate = 1

My most beautiful little girl (as a mama of 2 girls, you know what I mean). You are 1 year old. It sounds sappy but I honestly can't believe it's been a year. And I want to stop time sometimes, but I also can't wait to see you grow and develop and learn new things during this second year of life. It can only get better, right?!

At 1 year old- Baby Kate, you:

  • Wear 12-18 month clothes. You are long and lean!
  • Wear size 3 diapers, but if we are out you can also wear size 4 like your sis ;)
  • Love most foods- you are not picky! Your favorites are: banana, cooked carrots, yogurt, cheese, chicken and turkey, and apples.
  • Have a newfound love for sucking on wet washcloths! It's pretty funny, but after I wipe you down you want to hold onto the washcloth and suck on it. I always have to get you a brand new clean one to do this.
  • Sleep pretty well, but still wake up most nights 1 time. Overall, you sleep 7:30pm-7am with 1 wake up.
  • Don't like the car seat for anything! You are so angry when you see it, you start fussing when I open your car door to put you in.
  • Love water and milk from your sippy cups
  • Love your big sister Kennedy. You watch her and try to do what she does, and you love playing with her. She's pretty good at playing with you too :)
  • Aren't ready to give up nursing (that's okay with me too)
  • Love the bath! Sometimes you take a bath with your sister. I have to be on very diligent watch - to make sure she doesn't pull you into the water. You do like to blow bubbles and splash
  • LOVE swimming at the pool! You splash all around and also like to practice floating on your back and tummy, as well as "jumping" in
  • You just started taking a few steps unassisted! (about 12.5 months) You can do 6-10, but you don't do this every day. Most of the time you crawl but your favorite is when we will walk with you, letting you walk between our legs while we hold your hands. 
  • You want to do everything by yourself! You get frustrated you can't do everything that Kennedy can, which I am guessing is a little sister trait. 
  • You have an obsession with shoes! You always want to hold shoes and show them to us and say "szhhhhh..." for shoe. It was one of your first words.
  • Other first words were "hi" (you say it emphatically while waving), up, mama, dada, and pup. You also lick and smack your lips when you are thirsty and want water.
  • You sign "all done" but haven't really caught on to "more" yet. I am not sure you ever will, I think you'll be saying it soon.
  • You have the biggest brightest smile and most beautiful huge brown eyes. You light up a room with your soul.

The below picture says it all. You are sweet, sassy, determined, spunky and starting to really grow into a strong personality. The first year you were quite agreeable and hardly made a fuss. This year so far I've noticed a strong desire to make your wants and needs known - and it's so fun to see. We love you to the moon and back!