Step 1:
Learn about the money

Earn money when you help people get started on our systems, by following what we call "You Share, They Share, Repeat." Check out this short video to understand how it works. Referral bonuses are just the beginning and a great way to cover the cost of your products - simple superfood groceries that you'll use and enjoy every month. 

You Share, They Share, Repeat

See the details here: 
PIBS and Double PIBS
Rank Advancement Bonuses

Step 2:
Start with two

Check in with your mentor for help with this step. Your mentor might be your enrolling sponsor, or someone else who has connected with you about sharing Isagenix with others. If you are unsure who this person is, ask your enrolling sponsor [or include my email address here?] and we will connect you in to the right person on our team.

There are so many people in your life that can benefit from this nutrition. Keep it simple. Use this Memory Jogger to help you think of them. Write down everyone and don't count anyone out! Then, use the scripts below to contact them via phone, text message/voice text, or to set up appointments to share products that you love.

Text scripts (Use these as a framework, keep the words authentic to you, and don't overthink it. Your genuine energy and passion matters more than having the exact perfect words to say!):

Set the Appointment: Set the appointment to share information using a tool that can best help the person taking a look. Use the concept of third-party validation by scheduling a call between your new person and mentor (or other current Isagenix team member). When the new person has agreed to an appointment, get a couple of free times from your mentor and offer them up to the new person to schedule the meeting. Review the below information prior to the 3-way call. (Calls can be done via phone, video ( or Zoom app work well), video chat in Facebook Messenger, or in-person.)

Your journey to helping 2 people get started on Isagenix (one on your right and one on your left side) means you've achieved the first level of leadership: Consultant! Congrats



Step 3:
Share on social media

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FB Groups (product support and business communities)

Local or Core 4 Events

Launch Parties / Eat It Love It Share It Kit

Team calls

step 4: 
plug yourself in

3 way call / welcome call

FB Groups and team calls

Invite to events

Send them to