😊 - feeling thankful.

Wow wow wow. There is so much to be thankful for this year. I never felt strongly about Thanksgiving growing up, but over the years have learned that GRATITUDE is really where it's at. When you are grateful, truly affirming the things you have in life, the universe somehow knows to deliver more. This year, in no particular order, I am grateful for:

-Williston Fitness Center which provides an entirely family recreational and fitness experience

-Friends in other states who inspire me daily in their own life and businesses like Julie Coughlin and Crystal Lynn

-Taylor Swift music which makes me feel like I really am 22 again

-The concept of fitting work into the pockets of your life, not the other way around

-The concept of residual income, or as I like to call it, freedom income  

-My iPhone 6 ;) 

-Unconventional living which in our case means Auntie Natalie lives with us, which honestly only in America do we think is different

-Little girls who warm my heart, make me laugh, and fill me up with life and love every single day

-My loving and supportive husband who provides unwavering support and excitement for any crazy idea I have, and wakes up with the girls 6.5 out of 7 days a week :/ 

 -Family time every single day; the ability to be done with opposite schedules when Jake was able to quit bar tending

-An open mind. I truly believe to give and get everything you want in life you need to have an open mind about the way the world works... Because the only "truths" are the ones we create for ourselves.

-Naptime. Whether it means a quiet reprieve from tending to babies or a nap for myself, I am really thankful for the institution of naptime. 

-My parents' new motor home. It provided us a wild camping trip his summer and will provide many more Wires family memories in the years to come.

-The beautiful Grama Geri Jaunty. Jake lost his first grandparent this year, and Heaven received a true gift. She taught us so much about family, community, love, life, laughing at ourselves and making memories. 

-My growing business and growing team- amazing men and women who inspire me daily and push me to focus on teaching others to live their best possible life.

 -My second turkey meal which always traditionally happens right before bedtime, so I can slip off into tryptophan dreamland.

-A full tummy, and the fact that my family will always have full tummies. I realize not every family can say this and it's definitely something I will never take for granted.  

Xoxo <3