Lean In To Life

2013 was the year of Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In," which sparked all sorts of positive and negative comments, actions, followers and critics around the world. She certainly did a good job getting the conversation started and I applaud her for it. In 2014, I spent a lot of time thinking about leaning in, and what it means for me. In 2015, I resolve to lean in to life.

Leaning in to life -- I've decided that this is a beautiful thing. This means leaning in to new ideas, to hope. It means leaning in to the things that provide abundance and life, the idea that we get more by giving more. Leaning in to life means being a good person, a positive light who others want to spend time with because of how they feel when they are around them.

Leaning in to life means being hands free and less distracted when I'm with my beautiful husband and children, or anyone I'm spending time with, for that matter. It means keeping plans and goals centered around experience rather than things, because leaning in to life means making memories. 

Leaning in to life means getting up early and spending quiet time meditating, deep breathing, setting intentions for the day. It means learning about the world around me with an open mind -- there are so many people and things I have yet to meet and learn about, and it's about going in without any preconceived notions, taking a look around, trusting instincts and asking "What if?" 

Leaning in to life is also about being silly. My 2-year-old is awesome at doing something and then saying, "I'm just being silly, Mama." And it just lightens the mood! Laugh more, judge less. Leaning in to life = letting down my hair and laughing at myself along the way.

Leaning in to life is about taking risks. The kind of risks that make my heart palpitate and my palms sweat. It's about trying something new that I'm not good at and being okay asking for help. "I'll admit that I'm not the best at this, but can you help me?" That is a powerful thing. It's about realizing that at the end of the day there are more regrets of what is left undone than what is already done

I have over a decade of my career under my belt and I am proud of my accomplishments, the things I have learned and challenges I've overcome. I have gratitude for the multiple facets of life I get to lean into, professional and otherwise. Leaning in to life is expressing gratitude, deep gratitude every day for everything we have. Leaning in to life is ensuring that when we look back, we are glad we did it, every little bit of it, even though there were bumps along the way (Remember, those bumps build our character.)

I hope this idea rings true with you and helps you think about what you want to accomplish in 2015. It doesn't have to be difficult if you follow what is on your mind and what your heart is already telling you to do.